I suffer from hearing loss and live in Geelong. Can Better Hearing Australia’s Geelong branch help me?

Providing hearing loss information, support and rehabilitation in Geelong and district is the cornerstone of the work of Better Hearing Australia’s Geelong branch. No matter whether your hearing loss is mild or your deafness is total, Better Hearing Australia Geelong provides a range of services which are beneficial, not to mention the support of people who understand your situation.

I work with loud machinery and don’t always wear my hearing protection. Lately I can hear a high-pitched whine in my ears when I’m lying in bed. Sometimes the noise is so loud I can’t sleep. Is this tinnitus?

It certainly seems that you have tinnitus but it might pay to visit your doctor to make sure. Tinnitus is a common condition which encompasses a wide range of noises inside your head, including whines, buzzes, roars and even clicking. Tinnitus sufferers describe a wide range of noises. Loud noise is a common cause of tinnitus, so your failure to wear hearing protection is probably the cause, however stress, trauma, age and even some medications can bring on tinnitus. There’s no cure for tinnitus but there are ways to diminish its impact on your life. Perhaps the most effective method is managing your focus on the sounds in your head. In other words, learning how not to focus on your tinnitus. Better Hearing Australia Geelong has resources for tinnitus sufferers and can recommend sources of help.

I suffer from occasional deafness. Every now and then my hearing diminishes and sounds become muffled. Is this common and what’s going on?

First of all, see a doctor just to make sure there is nothing sinister happening with your hearing. Most likely your occasional deafness is the result of a wax build up or even mucus, particularly if you have a cold, or an infection is the cause. There is also the chance you have something in your ear that is affecting your hearing. This type of deafness or hearing loss is known as conductive hearing loss and a visit to the doctor will most likely remedy the problem.

I’m losing my hearing and have been told that I have sensorineural hearing loss. I’ve looked after my ears and my hearing all my life and never had a problem before, so why is this happening?

Sensorineural hearing loss is a hearing impairment brought about by damage to the nerve that assists with your hearing or the cochlear. Nerve┬árelates neural and cochlear to sensor, therefore sensorineural. Sadly, sensorineural hearing loss can come about simply by ageing. The older we get, the worse our hearing can become, which is probably what’s happening in your case. Prolonged exposure to loud noises is another cause or sensorineural hearing loss, as is disease. Unfortunately, medical treatment rarely repairs this form of hearing loss and a hearing aid is a worthwhile option. Better Hearing Australia Geelong branch has weekly aural rehabilitation classes for hearing impaired people. You would certainly benefit from the classes, so please get in touch.

Does the range of hearing services provided by Better Hearing Australia’s Geelong branch include hearing tests?

No, but we have plenty of hearing resources in Geelong and can point you in the right direction for hearing tests and other hearing services.

Do you have a hearing centre in Geelong that I can visit to meet other people with hearing problems?

Yes, our hearing centre is in the Geelong West Senior Citizens Club, 89 Autumn Street, Geelong West. Please contact us and we’ll arrange to meet and discuss our range of free hearing services and resources.

I’d like to learn how to lip read. Do you provide lip reading classes in Geelong?

Yes, we have lip reading classes and other hearing loss short courses in Geelong for people with hearing impairment, their families and friends.

My mother is in a nursing home and worries that her hearing aid won’t keep working? We’re not always available, so is your group able to provide support?

Our outreach hearing service in Geelong includes volunteers visiting retirement homes to ensure hearing aids are clean and working and whether batteries need changing. Please contact us for more information about our outreach service or if you have any other questions about Better Hearing Geelong.