Better Hearing Australia Geelong provides free services to help people suffering from hearing loss or impairment. Although most of Better Hearing Geelong’s target audience is middle age – 55-plus – and elderly – 80-plus  – it expects demand for its services to grow among young people as exposure to high-volume music through headphones increases the incidence of noise-induced hearing loss.

Whether it’s support or help with conditions ranging from the silence of complete deafness through to the never-ending buzz or whine of tinnitus, Better Hearing Australia Geelong can help. Read the accounts of Geelong people with hearing loss to discover the benefits of being involved.

Contact Better Hearing Australia Geelong for help with hearing loss in Geelong and district and more information.

Information, Support & Rehabilitation Sessions

Geelong and district people with hearing loss can take advantage of the support Better Hearing Australia Geelong provides to people with hearing impairment. Better Hearing Australia Geelong has a team...
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Short Courses

People with hearing loss use a variety of techniques to help with everyday communication. For some, a lip-reading course is of enormous benefit whereas others might require help learning to...
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Hearing Loss Awareness & Education

Better Hearing Australia Geelong branch has delivered hearing loss and hearing impairment educational talks to aged care training programs in Geelong to a variety of organisations including The Gordon Institute,...
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Outreach Service

Among its many hearing services, Better Hearing Australia Geelong provides an outreach service in which volunteers visit retirement homes to check whether residents’ hearing aids are working correctly. This free maintenance...
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