Better Hearing Australia Geelong branch has delivered hearing loss and hearing impairment educational talks to aged care training programs in Geelong to a variety of organisations including The Gordon Institute, Karingal and Diversitat.

Better Hearing Australia Geelong also offers and has conducted hearing loss education and awareness talks to community centres such as South Barwon Community Centre, senior citizens’ groups including the Salvation Army Seniors Group, Vines Road Centre, social clubs such as Probus North Geelong, service clubs, retirement homes and villages and health institutions.

Better Hearing Australia Geelong’s talks aim to raise hearing loss awareness and promote the benefits of aural rehabilitation sessions for the hearing impaired but also raise awareness amongst aged care trainees about the importance of knowing and using correct communication strategies when working in aged care. Trainees gain an appreciation and understanding of the role they play in the two-way process of communication, such as always talking face-to-face, there is no need to shout, speaking clearly and normally and always using a person’s name.

Hearing loss can happen at any age and to anyone but is especially common in the elderly. Being respectful boosts self-esteem, increases self-respect and creates harmony rather than disruptive, uncooperative behaviour, irritability and dissatisfaction. Consequently, trainees work better and enjoy their work and residents do not suffer social isolation and depression, two of the main consequences of deafness and hearing loss, plus Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Trainees receive pamphlets outlining the aural rehabilitation program taught by Better Hearing Australia Geelong branch and current information such as location, office hours, contact details and meeting times. They also receive lists of communication strategies to use in their work and their role in each is discussed.
Trainees are also assured that Better Hearing Australia Geelong facilitators/teachers are available at any time to discuss problems or difficulties encountered in their work.

Contact Better Hearing Australia Geelong to take advantage of its hearing loss awareness programs.

Better Hearing Australia Geelong hopes the talks will help the group gain recognition and positive publicity in the Geelong and regional community for the support it offers freely to the community. Also, the group hopes its membership will increase and that more hearing loss sufferers, their families and friends will benefit from its aural rehabilitation program.