Geelong and district people with hearing loss can take advantage of the support Better Hearing Australia Geelong provides to people with hearing impairment.

Better Hearing Australia Geelong has a team of four qualified facilitators who lead weekly aural rehabilitation classes from the group’s headquarters at Geelong West and at Drysdale.

The sessions, which take place on a roster basis during school terms, help people with hearing loss learn more about their hearing problems and provide guidance with communication techniques and hearing loss and tinnitus support in Geelong district.

Better Hearing Australia Geelong’s facilitators have undergone training from Better Hearing Australia so they can lead group sessions to help adults manage their hearing loss. The hearing loss support group sessions can include lessons in lip reading techniques and communication exercises and memory, concentration, auditory and relaxation skills as well as information about different types of hearing aids and hearing aid technology.

Better Hearing Australia Geelong aural rehabilitation facilitators’ training includes the following components: The ear and loss of hearing; the effects of hearing loss; speech production and elements of speech; presenting sessions in hearing loss management; access programs and services; basic acoustics and audiometry and hearing aids and assistive devices.

Geelong hearing aid information

Better Hearing Australia Geelong does not sell hearing aids or perform hearing tests but its aural rehabilitation facilitators can help with information about hearing aids. Hearing aids cannot restore normal hearing but they can improve awareness of surrounding sounds and voices.

Hearing loss sufferers who opt to wear a hearing aid can experience:
• Better relationships with family and friends.
• Higher self-esteem and confidence.
• Improved mental health and greater independence.

As hearing loss is unique to each sufferer, the benefit of a hearing aid depends upon:
• The degree of loss.
• Each, person’s ability to understand speech sounds and environmental sounds.
• The type of hearing aid.

Most modern hearing aids have an attachment to help control the volume of noise and the degree of background noise.

Hearing aids may:

• Improve the understanding of speech, with or without visual cues.
• Improve ability to use the telephone.
• Increase enjoyment of music.
• Reduce lip/speech reading effort.
• Reduce stress and fatigue.

Contact Better Hearing Australia Geelong to find out more about the group’s aural information, rehabilitation and support sessions, short coursesoutreach service, resources or to become a member.