Among its many hearing services, Better Hearing Australia Geelong provides an outreach service in which volunteers visit retirement homes to check whether residents’ hearing aids are working correctly.

This free maintenance service has operated since 2005 and is undertaken by trained volunteers, who:

  • Clean hearing aids.
  • Check batteries and change if necessary.
  • Ensure hearing aids are in working order.

If outreach service volunteers discover problems with hearing aids, they report the issues to retirement home staff who will follow up with an audiologist.

Staff are also reminded of the importance of regular battery changes and simple checks for working order, for example:

  • A complaint of a whistling sound in ear (a) aid not inserted correctly (b) mould has become loose (c) aid may not be turned on.
  • New battery needed if aid does not whistle when a hand is cupped around it.

Please contact Better Hearing Australia Geelong branch for its outreach service or other services, including hearing loss short courses and free hearing services in Geelong.