Better Hearing Australia Geelong branch members have personal stories about hearing loss and how they have benefited from the branch’s hearing services. With hearing problems ranging from tinnitus to deafness, benefits from lip reading courses in Geelong and aural rehabilitation, each person has an individual experience to share. Contact Better Hearing Geelong if you’d like to know more.

Twenty years ago, I started to have problems with my hearing. I went to an audiologist and was fitted with a small, in-ear aid. At this stage I heard about Better Hearing. I had a cousin with a similar problem. Unfortunately, this is a family problem going back a couple of generations. He told me about Better Hearing and how helpful it had been for him. So I went along and joined up.

I have learned so much there. I learned about using hearing loops in theatres, churches, etc. I learned about listening devices – special sets to wear to hear the TV, hear at meetings and similar locations. The Geelong City Council is particularly helpful and has a set to lend for use at the art gallery and any of their halls.

At Better Hearing we are taught strategies to hear better, etc. Better Hearing is also a support group. It is nice to find people with similar problems who are going through the same problems as you are and who understand.

Lorraine Ridgeway

Twenty years ago, by the age of 23 years, Fiona De Vries wore a hearing aid in each ear. Her first was fitted at 16 years, following an ear operation and hearing loss. Her audiologist at Australian Hearing recommended she attend the current Aural Rehabilitation Program at Geelong Better Hearing.

Fiona says she “will always be grateful” for time spent at Better Hearing learning lip reading skills and strategies to help her survive in the hearing world. This enabled her to accept her hearing loss, live confidently and find employment.

Today she works as an aged care trainer with Karingal Training, Geelong, where she passes on to her students the knowledge and understanding gained at Better Hearing Geelong. This is “her way of returning the favour”.

Fiona De Vries

I attended a four-week course which was most informative. I now attend weekly sessions at Better Hearing Geelong and have benefited from learning lip reading skills, observation and memory skills together with communication strategies.

Better Hearing Geelong’s teachers and members are active in seeking better conditions and devices for those with hearing loss and informing the public about the support and benefits of Better Hearing Geelong. The trained teachers are excellent and provide a variety of teaching methods.

I look forward each week to joining the Better Hearing group – to be with people who understand and know the problems one faces with hearing loss. It’s a friendly, welcoming group and benefits those attending and their families.

Jean Williams